• 23 Jun
    World-class 225CS rotary engine enters serial production with The Proving Factory

    World-class 225CS rotary engine enters serial production with The Proving Factory

    The world-renowned Wankel rotary engine is enjoying a revival thanks to a partnership between The Proving Factory, the automotive manufacturing and assembly organisation launched by Productiv in 2013; and engineering specialists Advanced Innovative Engineering (AIE).

    The Proving Factory is facilitating the higher quantity production of AIE’s 225CS Rotary Engine; demonstrating that the rotary isn’t just alive, but in demand.

    The first batch of SPARCS (self-pressurising-air rotor cooling system)-cooled 225CS rotary engines, which were built and assembled within The Proving Factory’s state-of-the-art facilities, were handed over to AIE managing director, Nathan Bailey, on 17 June.

    As a result of the 225CS convenient low parts count, the precision assembly of the rotary engine could easily take place using The Proving Factory’s advanced machining centre and rigorous standardisation of the component assembly process.

    With compliance to the strict standards set for the rotary engine build, AIE can ensure that the full spectrum of the 225CS innovative technologies will be guaranteed and consistent for the end consumer, including its patented Compact-SPARCS, full electronic engine management system and multi-fuel capabilities.

    As the first of many high quantity rotary engine productions for AIE, the partnership with The Proving Factory is ideal in supporting AIE to facilitate the higher volume supply needs of vehicle manufacturers within the automotive, aerospace and marine industries.

    Commenting on this new productivity increase for AIE, Nathan Bailey explains: “As specialist design and development engineers we use the latest technology and equipment in-house to produce high quality rotary engines. However, we also wanted to make sure that our clients could receive higher volume orders without lengthy lead times and with the same precision build and quality. Partnering with The Proving Factory was an ideal solution and supports us to expand our potential and production capabilities.”


    About The Proving Factory

    The Proving Factory works to bridge the market gap between technology developers making innovative, low-carbon engineering prototypes and the needs of vehicle manufacturers for volume supply. It is set up to partner with companies such as AIE to facilitate and manufacture large quantities of technology, as well as additional support for AIE’s in-house production capabilities. With the opportunity to manufacture around 200,000 units per year, The Proving Factory supports AIE to expand its potential in establishing production processes and demonstrating the ability to supply high-volume production solutions.

    About Advanced Innovative Engineering (UK) Ltd

    AIE is a UK-based engineering company specialising in the development of innovative Wankel rotary engines. The AIE team boasts a combined experience of over 80 years in rotary engine design, R&D and manufacturing; delivering products and services that have exceptional reliability, versatility and low total cost of ownership for the global aerospace, automotive and marine markets.

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