Productiv is a commercially focussed engineering service provider that designs and makes products.

Productiv specialises in electro-mechanical (or mechatronic) new product introduction, supply chain development and manufacture.  Productiv operates The Proving Factory, a 60,000 SQFT flexible manufacturing facility in Coventry, West Midlands.

Since its inception in 2011, Productiv has influenced and worked with well over 100 businesses and worked on in excess of 50 product innovations including cryogenic pumps, dual clutch transmission systems, hydrogen and solar powered drones, de-salination technology, micro-mobility solutions, motorised hubless wheel systems and many more whole or sub-system technologies.

Typically, businesses engage Productiv to:

  • design, develop and build first-off working prototypes (demonstrators) to prove out their concepts and patents from as little as a render or representative 3D-model;
  • design, develop, build and certify application-specific pre-production prototypes to be used in real-world trials (again for the first time);
  • develop product designs from concept or established mature product through feasibility design reviews, design for manufacture and assembly or value analysis/value engineering;
  • identify, set-up and manage their supply chain;
  • design, install and operate pilot lines for initial series production;
  • transition production into a new operation or an existing supply chain.

Anand Lakhani
Chief Executive

Alan Francis
Chief Operating Officer

Richard Bruges

Nick Rodgers
Financial Director