April 25, 2017

Connected and autonomous vehicles – not just for car drivers!

Think connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) are only relevant to car drivers? Think again! They are set to completely transform millions of lives – and you need never have clapped your hands on a steering wheel.

Productiv recently attended the second ever Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Connected conference, which brought together more than 400 cross-industry delegates.

The focus of the event was connected and autonomous technology, which is set to revolutionise the automotive industry over the next few years.

The significance of it was highlighted by Business Secretary Greg Clark’s announcement at the conference of the first phase of £100m of investment in CAV testing infrastructure, which will be used to support projects including public test facilities.

Hand in hand with Mr Clark’s announcement was the launch of a new SMMT report, ‘Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Revolutionizing Mobility in Society’.

If you don’t drive a car there’s a good chance any discussion of CAVs may have passed you by up until now, or you might have dismissed it as something that’s not relevant to you.

But with an estimated global value of $10tn, it may become difficult to ignore them for long – especially when you hear that the automotive industry actually only accounts for one fifth of the market for the technology!

The new SMMT report explores how CAVs could radically transform millions of lives – and not just for car drivers. If you fall into any of the following categories (and presumably we’re all in number four!), then you might want to watch this space!

  • Pedestrians: fewer accidents involving pedestrians and the elimination of the human error that can put pedestrians at risk
  • Old/young/people less able to walk: independent access to mobility that was not available previously.
  • Injured and unable to drive: autonomy allows you to continue living your life. Or just to get to the hospital
  • Anyone who would like to breathe clean air: more efficient use of vehicles and fewer toxic emissions


Click here to read the ‘Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Revolutionising Mobility in Society report


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