June 8, 2017

Insight: our top 5 takeaways from the SMMT Open Forum at Automechanika


This week, joining over 300 automotive supply chain delegates from OEMs and tier ones, as well as small and medium sized suppliers, Productiv’s product strategy manager Tom Donnelly and head of sales & marketing Peter Needham headed to the SMMT Open Forum at Automechanika Birmingham.

After a number of keynote presentations from senior industry figures, hearing about investment in new automotive technologies in the UK’s automotive supply chain, here are some interesting facts that Tom brought away with him:

  1. Nissan is now using second life batteries for domestic energy storage
  2. Each direct Nissan employee in the UK results in four employees in the supply chain
  3. Alan Draper, Ford Europe’s director of purchasing, told us that in London in 1903 the average speed of traffic was 8mph which is the same as it is today.
  4. Judith Richardson, Nissan Europe’s vice president of purchasing, explained how the company will use an app based on dating software to match drivers to suitable cars in their car sharing scheme in Paris – automotive can learn a great deal from other industries.
  5. This is echoed by the fact that the forum is sponsored by Ricoh; demonstrating how changes in the automotive industry are encouraging non-traditional suppliers to enter the sector.
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