May 10, 2017

Productiv set to attend Vehicle 2 Grid Conference in Amsterdam

We’re looking forward to attending the Interreg North Sea Region (European Development Fund) and Innovate UK Vehicle 2 Grid Conference tomorrow and Friday.

Our product strategy manager Tom Donnelly will deliver a pitch to the assembly to explain how Productiv works with technology developers to maximise their chance of commercial success.

Productiv is at the forefront of technology for the electrification of the automotive powertrain. One of the issues associated with electric powertrains is the additional load that will be placed on the electricity grid network when we all charge our electric cars.

However, cars themselves can be part of the solution to this problem.

With many cars plugged in overnight – and throughout the day – to recharge their batteries, they can be used as an energy store to supplement the grid during periods of peak demand. This is one solution being proposed to minimise the investment in infrastructure required for the expected growth of adoption of electric vehicles.

The procedure has become known as ‘Vehicle-to-Grid’, and is being looked at by several industries, including the electricity generators and distributors.

This will benefit some of the technology developers that we are working with; for example Zapinamo, which provides mobile and remote charging services.

Potentially any technology developer working with batteries, power electronics or range extenders, could conceivably become part of this system.

The solution to this issue will be multi-industry and the Productiv team will keep ahead of the issues facing all stakeholders to ensure that our technology developer partners are well placed to take advantage of this emerging market.

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