Venture Engineering – a unique approach

At Productiv we work with, rather than for, our clients, based on a unique ethos which we call Venture Engineering. This combines the investment approach of venture capitalists with the practical capabilities of experienced engineers to bring cleantech inventions to market, rapidly and effectively.

We offer a full range of product development services and support:

Production Oriented Prototyping™ (POP) is our prototype manufacturing approach which ensures development prototypes go together ‘right first time’, saving development time and rework costs. POP also enables us to get into production faster because we define the manufacturing and assembly processes as we develop the prototypes, then test them during the build.

The Green Staircase™ is our product and market development methodology, based on automotive Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), but much more agile and adapted to the needs of small companies.

The Proving Factory® is the building in which we operate. It offers purpose-designed facilities to take technologies from prototype to low volume production. We offer flexible terms to our partners, from renting space to a full-service development partnership.

Product Development Companies (PDCs) are the businesses we create as joint ventures with technology developers to enable us to invest money and expertise in turning their technologies into products and taking them to market. We share the investment, risk and reward with inventors and investors.