Productiv offers a range of services to technology developers to turn their technologies into products.

The ‘valley of death’ between invention and production is challenging for any new technology, but Productiv offers a bridge across the gap to keep innovation moving. We provide technology developers with all the support they need to get their technologies into production, offering a clear path through the challenges of vehicle manufacturer new-product introduction.  Using automotive industry standards and processes, Productiv enables vehicle manufacturers to work with technology developers from outside the established supply chain.

We support the technology developers in three areas:

Commercial Development: We establish OEM interest and requirements for the technology, agreeing the development path through prototype to production orders.

Technology Industrialisation: We prepare the technology for production, by providing engineering expertise and automotive-standard industrialisation processes.

Proving Production: Through The Proving Factory®, we transform technologies into products, offering pre-production to proving volume production of up to 20,000 units per year.