• 16 Mar

    Collaborate with Productiv to scale up UK manufacturing of medical ventilators for Covid-19

    UK manufacturing of medical ventilators

    In response to the UK Government’s call for UK manufacturing of medical ventilators for Covid19 virus patients and specifically for a Rapidly Manufactured Ventilation System (RMVS), Productiv wants to collaborate with others to make more ventilators. 

    If you would like to work with us to solve this urgent need, please get in touch.

    The Proving Factory in Coventry

    The Proving Factory in Coventry offers flexible manufacturing facilities where we have an established supply chain, an engineering team experienced at getting technologies into production and the ability to coordinate collaboration.

    Manufacturing and Assembly

    The Proving Factory has the facilities to support UK manufacturing and assembly of human scale electrical, electronic and mechanical systems.  Our component manufacture and sub assembly capabilities include electronics and CNC machining, as well as component and systems testing.  The Proving Factory totals 6,000m2 of factory and office space.

    Flexible manufacturing assembly cell at The Proving Factory

    Engineering Support

    The Proving Factory is operated by Productiv Ltd, with an experienced team of product development engineers.  We can take prototype designs and turn them into products ready for manufacture, pushing them through validation and testing processes such as CE marking and EMC testing.

    Project Management

    Our collaborative project management approach is based on automotive standards such as the NPI APQP process.  But we have adapted it to be more agile and suit the needs of independent technology developers.  We have led multiple collaborative projects, some with budgets of over £20m and teams drawn from 10+ organisations.

    Supply Chain

    We have worked with over 400 suppliers on multiple development and UK manufacturing projects over the last 10 years.  Most of these suppliers are in the UK, with a bias to local suppliers in the West Midlands.  Many of our suppliers also service low volume, high quality industries including aerospace, luxury automotive and motor-sport.

    Product Design

    We will work with anyone who has a valid prototype design and work out how to get it made.   Bring us your existing product or prototype designs and we will work with you to develop it an get it made.

    Intellectual Property

    Productiv provides a collaborative service that respects your intellectual property and focuses on getting it into production.  We have worked on over 40 projects in the last 10 years, building trust with our partners, some of which go on to manufacture with us, while others use their own facilities.


    Productiv uses 9001 and 14001 ISO standards.  We also use APQP automotive product development standard processes and have experience of CE Mark and electro-magnetic compliance EMC validation.  We are interested in collaborating with medical device specialists who can help us to comply with medical manufacturing, distribution or other compliance requirements.

    Medical Ventilators

    We do not have a medical ventilator design in our portfolio.  So, we would like to work with companies that do. 

    Please contact us if you are interested in UK manufacturing of medical ventilators for Covid 19, particularly if you have a medical ventilator product that is being manufactured elsewhere in the world or you lack capacity in the UK.


    If you would like to help or discuss how we can collaborate to build UK manufacturing of medical ventilators for Covid 19, then please get in touch with Richard Bruges our founder and Chairman. (m) +44 7710 077406