September 18, 2019


The cream of British clean engineering innovation has been showcased to the Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, on a visit to clean engineering accelerator Productiv.
Mr Street toured The Proving Factory in Coventry where Productiv provides specialist engineering, commercial and manufacturing services to accelerate innovative clean engineering technologies to market and into production.
As well as meeting Productiv’s team of skilled engineers, Mr Street was given an insight into some of the company’s current projects. These include Rolley, an innovative ride-on micro electric vehicle; Zapinamo, a system for rapid electric vehicle charging; a hydrogen powered drone being developed with Intelligent Energy and Bladon who are manufacturing micro turbine generators to power mobile phone masts in remote locations worldwide.
Andy Street commented: ““Cleantech is important to the UK, not just in boosting our economy but also to help in the efforts to tackle climate change.
“Here in the West Midlands one company helping to drive cleantech is Productiv, who are excellently placed to support our Clean Growth Challenge.
“It was great to meet their team of enthusiastic young engineers who are supporting clean engineering techniques and pioneering environmentally-friendly technology.”
This summer saw the Mayor launch his Clean Growth Challenge to seek ways to tackle toxic pollution after he said the West Midlands has a “moral responsibility” to lead on clean growth. Productiv CEO Richard Bruges added: “The Mayor has put the environment firmly at the top of his agenda and his Clean Growth Challenge is ample demonstration of the crucial role of clean engineering in both the economy and the environment. He was clearly impressed by what he saw at Productiv and our plans for the ongoing development of the business to continue helping cleantech innovations to fly.”

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